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Thursday, December 15, 2005


More sexcapades from our sophisticated, compassionate, betters at the UN

Remember Carina Perelli?


UN Chief Fired Over Sexual Harassment Charges

UN's electoral chief Carina Perelli was fired over sexual harassment and authority abuse charges on Tuesday.

UN Undersecretary-General Christopher Burnham handed 48-year-old Perelli a letter of dismissal in the morning.

According to the letter she was dismissed due to "serious misconduct" and conduct "inconsistent with the standards of conduct expected of international civil servants."

An internal investigation had shown that Perelli had been "engaged in sexual and professional harassment" of her staff and that she had abused her authority as a manager.

Perelli said that she would appeal the dismissal, because the accusations were wrongful.

Misconduct, yes. Inconsistent with UN standards, no.

Early this year, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ruud Lubbers (the 'Rude Lover') was given a choice between resignation or the sack, for his serial sexual harassment. He resigned.

Or how about the globe-spanning saga of Blue Helmets & Purple Helmets, chronicling the exploits of our Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning UN Peacekeepers, including running prostitution rings, gang-rape of 12-year-olds, offering food for sex with starving children, and so on, in every location where the UN has a peacekeeping operation.

Sounds awful bleeding 'consistent with UN standards' to me. Disgustingly so.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We don't need no steenking cognitive dissonance!

Nick Cohen gets off to a rousing start in the current issue of New Statesman, the top left-wing journal in Britain:

Before you go to a left-wing meeting, brace yourself for the likelihood that everyone you meet in the hall will be standing on their head. Do not be surprised to see communists supporting fascism, feminists throwing their arms around misogynists and liberals volunteering to be advocates for tyranny. It's been like this since 9/11 turned the world upside down, and the temptation for a journalist is to play the cynical reporter and pretend to be unshockable. I try my best to be a hard man, but the shocks keep on coming.

Read the whole thing.