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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Pot says to Kettle...

From the AP, here is an interesting report which defies the conventional wisdom:

The proportion of overweight or fat men is higher in some European countries than it is in the US, experts said in a major analysis of Europeans’ expanding waistlines.

The International Obesity Task Force estimated that Finland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Malta have all now exceeded the US’ 67% in overweight or obese males.

“The time when obesity was thought to be a problem on the other side of the Atlantic has gone by,” Mars Di Bartolomeo, Luxembourg’s Minister of Health, said yesterday.

In Greece, 38% of women are obese, compared with 34% in the US.

The report was released at the launch of the 25-nation EU’s plan for action on the problem in its member states.

And you can't go shooting the messenger; it works hand-in-glove with the EU.

The International Obesity Task Force (is) a global coalition of obesity scientists and research centres advising the EU...

Up to 8% of the current health care costs in the EU can be attributed to the effects of being overweight or obese, he said.


The IOTF estimates that among the EU’s 103 million youngsters, the number of overweight children rises by 400,000 each year. More than 30% of children aged between 7 and 11 are overweight in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Malta.

(Emphasis added.)

The interesting ones to note are places like Malta and Slovakia, where the citizens have much lower disposable incomes than the US or Germany or Finland, so there is more to the story than simply GDP per capita.

I recall that in previous IOTF findings, strangely enough, results showed that there was a larger proportion of overweight females in poor Mexico and poor Lebanon than in rich America, for example. In December, the Wall Street Journal (reg req'd) did a story detailing how some parts of the Arab world find female obesity attractive, leading some families to force-feed their daughters to gross extremes.

One less reason to sneer at the Yanks, I guess. Not that it will stop anybody on the anti-American left - objective truth counter to their biases rolls off of them like raindrops from a duck's back.

"Well ... (splutter) they like NASCAR!!!!"


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