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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Crime and cover-up at Turtle Bay

We noted a few days ago that Volcker and Annan were covering up for the Deputy Secretary General.

The ridiculous omission in the interim Volcker Report merely succeeded in calling more attention to the role of the Deputy Secretary General. Seems as though at least one of the Main Stream Media decided to report on it, and the omission will be corrected. From Fox News:

The committee probing the Oil-for-Food scandal says it will correct omitting the name of a U.N. official involved in the international controversy who has a close relationship with the executive director of the panel.

Just for the record, her name is Louise Frechette.

Frechette, 58, came to the United Nations following a long career as a Canadian civil servant. The first deputy secretary-general in U.N. history, she has served since 1998 as Annan's chief administrator. She also chairs the steering committee on U.N. Reform and Management Policy.

The interim Volcker Report covered up Ms Flechette's role in preventing the UN Security Council from finding out about Kofi's slush fund. It turns out that a top man on the Volcker Committee has a long and close relationship with Ms Flechette. But the lame attempt to keep her name out of it only garnered more attention, and discredited the Volcker investigation.

There you have today's UN in a nutshell: crooked and incompetent.


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